Why Food Is Comforting

Have you ever wondered why things seem so much nicer after you eat a good meal? Food is uniquely comforting in many different ways. It is, however, tough to put a finger on, since the food each person eats to comfort them will be different, since the exact comforting feeling might change, et cetera. With that said, here are three general reasons behind why food can be so comforting:


Have you ever heard the old adage about giving someone a hot beverage if they are feeling upset? This is because the hot beverage introduces warmth to your body, which is immediately comforting. This is similar to how you might want to curl up under a blanket or sit by the fire for comfort—it just happens to come around in your mug instead. And if you do not want a hot beverage? A hot meal can work the same way, whether its some homemade chicken noodle soup or some macaroni and cheese cooked to perfection.


Food can be a great reminder of and bonding component to the relationships we make. These relationships can be with family members (especially between children and their parents), friends, or even romantic relationships. When there is a loving connection involved with the food, there also comes a certain level of comfort whenever that food comes around again, whether or not the people in the relationship are both present at the time.


In many instances, the most comforting foods are associated with specific memories from our past. This might mean nice Christmas dinners with roast chicken or turkey, or it could be baking cookies on any day with a parent. It could be any memory with food involved! After the creation of the memory, what often happens is the person will be reminded of that memory every time they consume that particular food (e.g. whenever they eat cookies or roast chicken).