Tips For Healthy Dining Out

dining out

Eating healthy can become a challenge when you are dining out, since you have less control over the food than if you were cooking everything yourself. However, you do have a lot more control than you might think! It is quite easy to eat healthy at a restaurant—just take these tips into consideration:

Remember To Portion Control

Controlling how much you eat is key. Does the restaurant give quite large portions? Save part of your meal and take it home as leftovers. You can also choose smaller appetizers instead of an entrée to help control your portions as well.

Choose Restaurants Wisely

Your choice of restaurant is actually the first step in a healthy dining experience. For instance, you really cannot eat healthy at a fast food restaurant. Consider what restaurants are in your area and look up their menus beforehand. Can you judge what the healthy options are? Some restaurants may even have the caloric information on their menu—take advantage of this! Be sure to choose somewhere you will enjoy, but still keep healthy eating in mind.

Take It Slow

Did you know that eating slower can actually fill you up faster? Engage in conversation with your dinner companions instead of chowing down as fast as possible in silence. This gives your body time to digest the food—you might actually become full before you finish the meal!

Ask For Substitutions

Did you know most restaurants will be only too happy to offer substitutions in their meals? For instance, fries are a common side for burgers, wraps, et cetera at many restaurants. However, you often also have the option of a small garden salad instead. You might have to ask your waiter specifically if it’s not on the menu, but you’ll never know unless you try!