Steps To Clean Your Refrigerator

Every so often, you need to clean your refrigerator. We recommend doing this at least twice a year, but more than that is better. Perhaps 4 times a year, along with the change in seasons, would work for you!

Cleaning your refrigerator helps save precious space, remind you of what you might need to replenish, and helps with general cleanliness. With this in mind, we wanted to give you some simple directions to help make cleaning your refrigerator a breeze. Let’s start now:

Step One: Empty It Completely

First things first, you need to take everything out of your refrigerator. Your counters or dining room table are both fine temporary locations. This helps you in multiple ways, including giving you an accurate idea of what you have in your fridge and what is spoiled. It also puts a time limit on your cleaning, since you don’t want the food to spoil on the counter.

Step Two: Deep Clean The Inside

While your fridge is empty, you can clean it very well. Make sure you use a nontoxic cleaner when wiping things down in here. We also recommend making a basic paste out of baking soda and water. This baking soda paste with not only clean your fridge from any stains or discolouration, but will also deodorize it!

Step Three: Sort Your Products

Now is the time to go through all of your products on the counter. Throw away anything past its expiry date! Check it all carefully so you know what you have!

Step Four: Wipe Down Containers

Before you place everything back in the fridge, we recommend you wipe down all the containers you can. This will help eliminate bacteria when you put things back on your now pristine fridge shelves. Always make sure you use a food safe cleaner and be sparse so you don’t soak anything.

Step Five: Organize

As you start putting everything back into your now clean fridge, we recommend you use the time to organize everything well. Organization in your fridge will make it easier to find what you are looking for, reduce potential food spoilage, et cetera. You will thank yourself later