How To Make: Grillable Pizza

Do you love pizza? We are willing to bet you do, whether it is Canadian, meat lover’s, vegetarian, deluxe, or any other topping combination. The vast majority of people will order pizza for delivery or bake their own in the oven, whether it was made from scratch or from a premade frozen pizza.

But what happens if you do not want to order delivery and the weather outside is too hot for you to heat your home even more by using the oven? Do you have to forgo your desire for pizza? Absolutely not! It is time to fire up the grill and make your pizza that way!

You can, of course, make a pizza from frozen on the grill, but why not go the extra mile and do as much of this process yourself? It really is not too complicated, either!

The Crust

The first thing you have to consider is the crust for your pizza. You can buy a large premade crust at your local grocery store, but we also love using the Greek pitas you cannot fill as crusts for our grilled pizza. Judge your sizing for the pizza based on how many people you need to feed, as well as if you are camping or not (yes, the pitas are perfect for camping).

Sauce and Toppings

Of course, you are also going to need some pizza sauce. Choose your favourite or make your own and spread it evenly on top of your crust. Once you are ready, fill your pizza with your favourite toppings, including pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, cooked bacon, sliced green peppers, and olives. Of course, you cannot forget a generous amount of mozzarella cheese!

How To Grill

The next step after you finish prepping your pizza with your desired toppings is to grill it! Transfer your pizza onto your grill. Try to keep the grill at 350 to 400 degrees, depending on how fast you want to cook your pizza. Keep in mind you do not want to have your crust cook before your toppings are ready, because otherwise you will either face under cooked toppings (not melted cheese!) or a burnt crust. Adjust the temperature throughout the cook as necessary, since barbeques will vary. Make sure to keep the lid closed as much as possible during the grilling process.