How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Do you love steak? Do you ever have trouble cooking it? Many people tend to do a couple of things when cooking steak if they are not confident in their abilities. The first is to really fire the grill up hot and take the steaks off quickly, or they cut into the steak every few minutes in order to check its progress. The second is perhaps the worse of the two, as you will lose a lot of the juice by cutting into the steak before you have it on your plate to eat. The first is not great if you do not want to have a rare steak, and if you are too quick in pulling off your steak, it will still be raw in the middle.

So how do you cook the perfect steak every time, without sacrificing any of the juice and flavour?

First you have to bring your steak up to room temperature. Then, make sure you season it appropriately. Now you are ready to fire up the grill! In order to achieve the classic grill marks, you will need to have the grill at a high temperature, though you will also want to turn this down slightly after the first sizzle of your meat, since you do not want to cook the steaks too fast.

While having a meat thermometer is best, you can actually cook the perfect steak using a timer as well as touch. In generally, steaks about one inch thick take three minutes on each side for rare, four minutes for medium rare, and roughly five minutes for medium. However, you can also use your finger to see how well your meat is cooking. Raw meat will usually be quite squishy. From there, you can expect rare meat to be soft but not squishy, whereas medium rare steak will resist a little poking, and medium steak will spring back when you poke it lightly. If your steak feels firm, you at least have a well-done steak, but it could also be overdone if you are not careful.

The perfect steak, of course, depends on your personal taste, though the vast majority of people enjoy medium rare or medium steaks. If you are unsure about what you like but still want to try, we would suggest starting there!

Happy grilling!