How To Freeze Baked Goods

Sometimes we might want to make sweet treats ahead of time and have to freeze them in order to ensure they are still god when we actually wish to eat them. This is particularly common with preparing for holiday parties and other holiday events. In addition, we may also have leftover baked goods from something. Regardless, it is essential to understand how to properly freeze baked goods if you are truly to enjoy the sweet treats to their full potential once you defrost them! Here’s how:

Cool Completely

Do not put freshly baked items into the freezer. Make sure everything cools completely before you do this. Not following this direction means you might end up with freezer burn or otherwise compromised baked goods! Leave your cakes, bread, muffins, et cetera on cooling racks for a while before you package them up for the freezer.

Eliminate Air

When you package your baked goods, be sure to eliminate as much air as possible with the freezer bags, containers, aluminum foil, et cetera. Air is one of the primary culprits of freezer burn! Always double check when you are wrapping up everything. We also recommend filling containers as much as possible in addition to tight wrapping.

Wrap Twice

Speaking of wrapping, you can give your baked goods a little bit more protection by wrapping them twice. For instance, try wrapping individual muffins in aluminum foil or plastic wrap before putting them in a freezer bag. Doing something like wrapping the muffins individually also helps you only take out a muffin at a time, which means you do not need to defrost the whole batch if you do not wish to! Perfect choice for on the go snacks and breakfasts! All you need to do is unwrap your sweet treat and pop it into the microwave for a few seconds if you are in a hurry—otherwise, let it defrost naturally.