Essential Ingredients For Baking

essential ingredientsAre you getting started with baking? Do you need to stock up your pantry? Baking returns all sorts of delicious goodies, but nothing is more frustrating than choosing a recipe only to find out you are missing one or more of the ingredients. While some recipes will call for certain things you do not normally use, or would go bad quickly, there are some essential ingredients you should always keep on hand if you like to bake.

All-Purpose Flour

There are many types of flour, but some of them, like pastry flour, are meant for only certain recipes. All- purpose flour, on the other hand, is a very multi functional ingredient. You can use it in cakes, cookies, muffins, and even as a thickening ingredient in savoury cooking. In many instances, you can use some all-purpose flour as a substitute for most of the other kinds of flour.


While it may seem like you could simply leave out a teaspoon of salt in your recipe, it will actually compromise the taste and even the texture of your baked goods if you do. Since it does not go bad, always keep some simple table salt in your pantry for all of your baking needs. You can even use it outside of baking, so you do not need to worry about whether or not you will finish it off.

White and Brown Sugar

Most baking calls for either white or brown sugar, so you should always try to keep some on hand. You can substitute one for the other in many recipes, though it would still be better to use whichever the recipe wants, since it will affect the texture slightly, and even maybe the taste for discerning palates. You can, however, add some molasses to white sugar to help mimic the taste and consistency of brown sugar.

Baking Soda and Powder

You do not want to skip either one of these ingredients if they appear in your list of ingredients for a recipe, Just be sure to read the list carefully so you do not accidentally add the one you are not supposed to!

Baking Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? If so, always keep some baking chocolate and chocolate chips in your pantry. It should always be baking quality so you can be assured of the flavour as well as how much you need to add. Baker’s chocolate is usually much stronger than the commercial chocolate you will see in other aisles at the grocery store.

Pure Vanilla Extract

This is one of the most popular extracts you will see on recipes, which is why it is a good idea to keep it on hand. You can also use this in a pinch if you do not have another extract, though remember it will delivery a different flavour than, say, orange extract.