Cooking For Busy Days

All of us have experienced busy days now and again (or even constantly). Busy days can occur for a variety of reasons, including having a family to take care of, big deadlines at work, or simply many things to juggle at the same time. Regardless of why you are busy, you still need to eat healthy and energizing meals. But what happens if cooking takes too long or you simply do not have lots of energy after you day is over? Thankfully, we have compiled some simple tips for cooking when those busy days strike.

Build A Quality Pantry

The ingredients you have in your pantry are your lifesavers during the busy times in your life. They can make whipping up recipes very easy if you pick the right ones. In all cases, you want nonperishable items (so you need not worry about anything going bad). Look for ingredients like dried pasta, sauce in jars, cans of soup, as well as canned tomatoes, beans, et cetera. Make a list of ingredients you have and see where you might have gaps. Visit the grocery store to stock up if necessary.

Fill Your Freezer

Your freezer is another element in your kitchen, like your pantry, that can be a lifesaver on those busy days. You can have frozen meals for emergencies, buy you can also buy ingredients in bulk and freeze them for use later. You can even cook in bulk and store portioned leftovers you just have to reheat when your day gets busy.

Pick Easy Meals

Sometimes cooking becomes a hassle on busy days because the recipes are just too time consuming or complicated to manage. Reevaluate what you are cooking and pick easy to cook meals like one pot pasta, casseroles, and fried rice. Many of these easy dishes also make excellent leftovers and/or freeze well, so remember to keep this in mind when you choose your meal.

Multitask While Cooking

Sometimes you can make cooking easier by multitasking while you do it. For instance, can you have a pot of water on to boil or start simmering sauce while you chop vegetables for your meal? Sometimes it might feel as if you have to perform actions one at a time, but take a closer look at your recipes and see what you can do simultaneously. With that in mind, do not overload yourself, as you still want to be safe and turn out a delicious meal.

Invest In A Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are an essential kitchen appliance if you are consistently busy. With minimal prep, you can have a meal simmering and cooking all day while you go about your business. If you time things right, you can come home to a perfectly cooked and warm meal.