All About Campfire Cooking

Are you going camping with family or friends this summer? Wondering what you are going to cook while you are out there in the wilderness? Sometimes the idea of cooking much of anything besides prepackaged dried food is overwhelming, particularly if you are planning to go camping in a canoe armed only with what you can carry on your back. The good news? You can do a lot more than you think! Here are some inventive and popular meals you can cook over a campfire.

Foil Packet Food

Have you ever cooked something wrapped in aluminum foil on the barbeque at home? You can recreate the same recipe but cook it in or near your campfire. You just have to pay more attention to timing, since you cannot regulate the temperature of your campfire. We recommend seasoned vegetables like zucchini or corn for foil packets, particularly if you do not have access to ice and a cooler. This means no raw meat if you are canoe camping!

Fired Up Potatoes

Potatoes are a great thing to bring camping with you, since you do not need to refrigerate them! All you need to do is bring your favourite spices (start with salt and pepper) and some butter or oil to brush over the potato. As for method, you can either cook it in foil or on a stick. If you have a foldable grill to put over the fire, you could use that as well.

Camping Style Pizza

Yes, you can make pizza while you are camping! All you need is bottled pizza sauce, cooked pepperoni and bacon, cheese, and some pitas (not fillable ones). Ideally you will have a foldable grill to put over the fire for this camping meal, but you can also use foil if you want to.


Doesn’t everything taste great on a stick? Skewers are often seen at barbeque parties, street fairs, and more because of this (as well as their convenience). You can skewer vegetables like zucchini, sections of corn on the cob, mushroom, peppers, and potatoes, as well as any meat you want to, including freshly caught fish! You can use a foldable grill, obviously, but if you use a long enough skewer (and protect your hands) you can cook your dinner just like you would a marshmallow!