5 Tips for Going Vegan

Are you thinking about abandoning meat and all other animal products? Going vegan has many benefits, both for those looking to change because of morals or even dietary requirements. However, transitioning to veganism, particularly if you are not a vegetarian and still consume meat, can be a challenge. Make the transition smoother with these tips for going vegan.

Consult a Dietitian

Going vegan is often not as simple as some think, particularly if you think about all the nutrients everyone needs for a healthy diet. IF you are in doubt about what you need each day, or need any other recommendations or answers to specific questions, we highly recommend talking to a registered dietitian. They can help advise you based on your specific situation and requirements.

Go At Your Own Pace

When you want to go vegan, one of the most important things to do is to go at your own pace. Can you make the switch overnight? It would be a tall order for many people, but if that is the type of thing you think you could handle, go for it. In all likelihood, however, you will need to transition over a longer period. Perhaps you might want to try going vegetarian for a little while first before making the complete change. This adjustment time can help curb your cravings and chances for sliding backwards.

Give Additional Cooking Time

Even if you are used to cooking, designing your meals only around vegetables and vegan-friendly options can be challenging. For the first little while, be sure to allot extra time in the kitchen. Also take time to research a variety of new recipes and build your roster!

Embrace The Produce Section

Yes, there are frozen meals vegans can eat. However, this can make for an unhealthy and lackluster diet if this is all you are eating. Thus, spend lots of time in the produce section. When you are making the change, aim to choose at least one vegetable or fruit you have not tried yet and incorporate it into your diet. You will be surprised at what you find and what you can create. Before you know it, your meals will look like rainbows!

Bring Your Own Food

Unfortunately, going to potlucks can be a challenge if you are a vegan. You can mention it to the others, but you should also be aware that many of the dishes will be unsuitable. Regardless, you can help the situation by cooking vegan friendly dishes everyone can enjoy. Did you know you could make vegan brownies? There are also countless salads or three-bean chilis you can make for potlucks.