5 Popular Summer Fruits

When you think of summer, which fruits pop into your mind? While there are many fruits in season during the summer months, we are certain there are some people more closely associate with the sunny weather. Here are just five of the most popular summer fruits and ideas on ways in which you can enjoy them with family and friends.


Strawberries are a fantastic addition to any fruit salad. They are also amazing when incorporated into lemonade, a refreshing summer beverage, or even when you cover them in chocolate for an indulgent treat. If you usually eat oatmeal or toast in the morning, why not top it with some strawberries to add natural sweetness to your breakfast?


Like strawberries, raspberries are one of the most versatile berries in the summer months. You can mix them in smoothies, use them to top oatmeal and toast, and even eat them by themselves! They are also delicious as part of a fruit salad and downright delicious when mixed into a lemonade.


Watermelons are perhaps the perfect fruit for the summer months. They are sweet, juicy, and incredibly hydrating—a perfect snack for kids who have been playing outside all day, or as a treat after a long day of work outdoors for the adults. You can, of course, incorporate watermelon into other dishes and drinks, they do make a nice addition to some blends of fruit salads, but often they are best enjoyed by themselves.


Of course, you can use peaches in the same ways you use most fruits: in a salad, incorporated into lemonade, and on their own. Other more inventive uses include peach iced tea, in ice cream, and even grilled peaches! Indulge in this juicy fruit during the summer months. It will be refreshing, we promise.


Do you hear the tropics calling? For many, the summer is associated with a tropical environment, even if they are not in a tropical country at the time. This is why a tropical fruit like pineapple is closely connected to summer. Pineapples, like the other summer fruits on this list, are great in a fruit salad. Many also believe pineapples are like candy and will eat them alone. They also make quite the delicious juice, which is a perfect way to reap the health benefits they provide for those who dislike the texture of this unique fruit.