5 Popular Comfort Foods

comfort foodHave you had a bad day? Is something stressing you out? Perhaps you just want something that tastes delicious and is not too difficult to make. The good news? Comfort food will fit the bill on all aspects—this food provides warmth and security (even cold dishes), tastes downright delicious, and just about every dish is easy to make. So with that in mind, here are 5 popular comfort foods you can try and keep in your regular arsenal.

Ice Cream

Chances are when there’s a breakup in the movies or on television, ice cream will make an appearance at some point soon after. The flavours are endless! You can reach for classic flavours like chocolate or vanilla, or something with additional interest like cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookie dough. Simply reach for your favourite indulgent flavour!

Grilled Cheese

Is there anything better than fried bread and cheese? Grilled cheese is a classic dish, there is no denying it. Perhaps the most famous iteration of this comfort food is cheddar cheese in between two thick slices of white bread. While this is a great option, it is not the only one! You can pick just about any cheese for your sandwich, and change up the bread. Other popular options for the cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches are Monterey jack, swiss, and gouda. You can also pick a grain-filled bread or at least a whole wheat one, which adds a healthy component to your comfort.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the infamous and iconic dish when it comes to college students and what they eat on a regular basis. For the most part, people will eat macaroni and cheese from a box—there are quite a few varieties available, and you can customize your dish during the cooking process as well. If you choose the boxed variety, all you need beyond what is in the box is some butter or margarine and a little bit of milk. You can, of course, choose cheeses and make yours completely from scratch, but for immediate and simple comfort we suggest picking your favourite prepackaged variety.

Chicken Noodle Soup

When it comes to soup, nothing is more comforting than a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. There is just something about the combination of broth, noodles, chicken, and vegetables that makes this a deliciously comforting dish. And guess what? Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup makes for a good pairing—so you can double up on the comfort food if you choose.


Need some sweet comfort in the morning? Why not mix up a batch of pancakes? Beyond the mix itself, you can make your very own attuned to your tastes. A classic is blueberry pancakes, but other popular options include chocolate chips, bananas, strawberries, and even apples! Maple syrup makes the perfect topping to your pancakes, though you may also choose an indulgence like whipped cream.