5 Popular Coffee Shop Drinks

When you visit a coffee shop, there is a plethora of options for you. Many places will have donuts, muffins, and other backed goods—but the drinks on offer are generally what people think of when they visit. They are the biggest sellers after all! Sometimes, however, people can feel overwhelmed at what the choices actually are beyond simple tea and coffee. Here are 5 of the most popular options and what they all entail:


This one is great for people looking to try coffee but who might not enjoy the taste. A mocha will generally be half coffee and half hot chocolate, though some places will let you customize the exact ratio. You can also opt for steamed milk and other add ins depending on where you are.

London Fog

This one gives no hints as to what goes in it, which can confuse many who do not know about it already. A London Fog is Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a vanilla flavour shot. This is very popular among tea drinkers who frequent coffee shops, especially if they want to go above a simple cup of tea.


Though we are getting into the fancier named coffee drinks with this one, macchiatos are actually quite simple! In fact, they are just a double shot of espresso with milk foam on top. You can also go for a caramel macchiato, which means there will be caramel drizzle on the milk foam, and even some flavouring in the espresso.

Chai Latte

Not a big coffee fan? In addition to the London Fog, chai lattes are great for tea drinkers who want to visit coffee shops. They consist of strong chai tea and steamed milk, though some places will also include a sprinkling of cinnamon or even a cinnamon stick inside your drink. Delicious!


This is perhaps the most popular drink to order at a coffee shop aside from a straight cup of coffee. This drinks starts with some espresso, to which they add some steamed milk and milk foam. This is the perfect drink to add flavour too as well, the most popular being a vanilla cappuccino.