4 Reasons Why You Should Cook

Cooking is surprisingly an underrated and uncommon skill. There are more people than you might think who are unable to cook their own food, and thus have to rely on others, whether family, friends, or local restaurants. While eating out every so often is perfectly fine, you should still know how to cook your own food. Why? Here are four key reasons why you should cook your own food most of the time:

Control Over Your Diet

Do you want to know what is in your favourite dishes? Do you want to eat healthier? Do you just want to control what you eat? Learning how to cook is the very first step. By cooking your own food you know exactly which ingredients go into which dish. You also make healthier choices just by cooking for yourself, as many recipes you will make do not include the same preservatives, same amount of fat and salt, et cetera, as many restaurant and fast food dishes do.

Save Money on Food

Eating takeout, delivery, and sitting in at restaurants gets quite expensive, quite quickly. Even though buying food and ingredients at the grocery store will cost you money, you can make more dishes from these purchases, which means your money goes a longer way. In addition, the prices on food at the grocery store, when they are not the prepackaged foods, are often less than the dishes you buy at restaurants to begin with!


An inability to cook means you have to rely on others to make you food all the time. This may mean just eating at restaurants all the time, or getting family and friends to do the cooking for you. Unfortunately, you may not always have these options, whether your family is not available or you cannot afford a restaurant

Appreciate Food

When you work for something, you appreciate it more. This goes for big things like your education and relationships. It also goes for your food! If you are the one making your food, studies are clear about how you appreciate the finished meal more when you eat it. Embrace that and learn to cook!