4 Kitchen Organization Tips

Do you find your kitchen getting a little chaotic? Are you having trouble finding what you need? Organizing your kitchen is essential if you want to make sure every time you cook your dinner or bake dessert, things go smoothly. When you are prepping food, you need to know where everything is! You do not want to keep searching for a utensil if something is on the stove and at risk of burning.

Here are key tips for good kitchen organization:

File Dividers For Sheets and Pans

Do you have a bunch of cookie sheets, frying pans, and similar? Sometimes these can get muddled in cabinets and drawers. To help keep all of the sheets and pans straight, use office organizational tools like plastic file dividers to stack and separate each item. You can group similar items together this way as well. It makes things easy to find and pull out when needed.

Flatware Divider

Don’t just dump all of your cutlery into a drawer—it will make things harder to extricate when you need it, and increase the potential for dirtying the cutlery even before you need it. Avoiding this is easy if you buy a flatware divider, which has separate sections for forks, spoons, butter knives, et cetera. Depending on what kind of divider you purchase, you may also have enough sections to separate the cutlery based on size (most cutlery sets include smaller versions of forks and spoons).

Whiteboard On Fridge

Have you ever found that you run out of a critical ingredient, only to forget about that until you are in the middle of cooking something where you need it? You can easily organize your pantry and understand what ingredients you have and what you need more of by attaching a whiteboard to your fridge and noting down the ingredients as you know you need them. Then you can easily transfer the notes to a paper you can easily carry at the grocery store—no more forgetting anything because of disorganization in your kitchen.

Freezer Bins

Packaging up extra food, such as chicken breasts and ground beef, is great to help save for the future, pulling out a last minute meal, et cetera. For the most part, people will stick things like a chicken breast into a plastic freezer bag and place it in the fridge. However, these bags can slip through cracks in the freezer shelves, be hard to sort through, and just make the freezer inefficient. You can still use these bags, they are very effective, but buying freezer-safe bins can really help keep those bags organized so getting what you need from the freezer is easier.