4 Great Smoothie Additions

Smoothies are a great breakfast you can whip up and take with you on the go. They are also a great snack or post-workout recovery drink. They serve many nutritious functions! However, beyond blending fruit and milk, what can you add to your smoothies to truly make them the best they can be? Here are four great smoothie additions to get you started.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are truly a superhero among seeds, which is why adding few teaspoons into your smoothie is a great idea, especially if you are using it as your breakfast. These tiny seeds contain a high amount of omega fatty acids, which increase the healthy function of your brain and help your heart and cholesterol levels. They also contain lots of protein, iron, antioxidants, and many other nutrients.


Sure, you can use yogurt or a banana to help thicken your smoothie, but if you really want a creamy texture and a nutrition packed drink, you need to add an avocado. Not only does this one of our smoothie additions give your drink a nice consistency, but it also contains almost 20 vitamins and minerals, in addition to being home of healthy fats.

Flax Seed

Need more fiber in your diet? Add a teaspoon or two of flaxseed to your smoothie! You can either ground it yourself, or buy the pre-ground variety—either one is fine. This seed adds a slight nutty flavour to your smoothie. Along with the fiber, you also get omega fatty acids, and the ground flaxseed promote a healthy heart, boost immune system, brain function, et cetera.

Cacao Powder

Do you have a sweet tooth? Adding cacao powder to your smoothie can bring a rich chocolatey flavour while also curbing your sweet tooth. This does not contain vast amounts of sugar, which is why you will need to adjust to taste and still have sweet smoothie additions (and lots of fruit). In addition to the flavour, cacao powder also brings a lot of antioxidants into your smoothie.