4 Dishes Everyone Should Know How Cook

Cooking is an essential component of life—if no one knew how to cook, we would all be very limited in our eating options. The good news, however, is you do not need to be a star chef in order to get by. You should, however, know how to cook at least a few basic dishes in order to survive on your own, without completely relying on eating out all the time. To that end, here are 4 basic dishes everyone should know how to cook.


Eggs are perhaps the most iconic breakfast food around. Countless people enjoy eggs and toast, sometimes with bacon, to begin their day. So it makes sense that you should know how to cook eggs! Things might seem complicated if you consider just how many ways there are to cook eggs, but the good news is you do not need to memorize all of them. How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, sunny side up, over easy? Start by learning how to make them this way. We also suggest learning one or two other ways of cooking the eggs, just in case you have company or want a change, but this is not necessary.

Pasta And Sauce

Pasta is simple—all you need is a pot of boiling water and dried pasta. When the water is boiling, put the pasta in the pot. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes depending on how much pasta you want to cook as well as if you want your pasta completely cooked through or more al dente. In terms of sauce, you can play it quite simple by just heating up a jar of sauce you can find already made at the grocery store. You may also choose to cook some vegetables or ground beef to add to the sauce if you are feeling confident.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In terms of desserts, cookies are one of the easiest dishes to learn. In addition to this, they are also great crowd pleasers! Just about every family has a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but if you don’t, they are easy to find online. Pick one out and follow the directions!

If you do not like chocolate chips, you can easily substitute them for raisins or small dried fruit like cranberries or blueberries. You do not even need to adjust the baking time or any of the amounts to do this. It’s a straight switch!

Fried Rice

Fried rice is a great dish to make, even on a regular basis since you can change some of the vegetables and proteins—making for a new dish just about every time you make it. Of course, the first step to this is understanding how to make rice properly. Most rice will have directions on how to do it, however it is important to note brown rice requires more than just the straight ratio of double the water to rice you need when making white rice. You also need to know how to make scrambled eggs. Apart from that, you just need to fry some vegetables and add spice!