3 Ways To Use Overripe Fruit

As much as we might try, sometimes we cannot eat all our fresh fruit before they start getting a little overripe. Overripe fruit tends to not be as enjoyable as a standalone snack like simply ripe, fresh fruit is. However, this does not mean you have to throw out overripe fruit! In fact, you have a good window of time with overripe fruit before you do have to throw it away for health reasons. But what can you do with it during that time? Let’s examine three popular things now:

Baked Goods

Perhaps the most popular example here is using overripe bananas to bake some delicious banana bread.  Almost everyone knows about this particular trick. But did you know you can do something like this for just about all kinds of overripe fruit? You are not even limited to a dessert bread. You can make muffins, brownies, and a lot of other baked goods with your fruit. The overripe variety simply adds a little more flavour and ease of baking (softer fruit, easier to mash).

Savoury Sweet Sauce

Yes, you can make a good sauce with your fruit! For instance, a classic combination is apple sauce and pork chops—why not use overripe apples for this? You can pair lots of different meats with your fruit sauces (e.g. chicken with orange sauce). The choice is all yours! This is a great way to add a sweet flavour to savoury dishes—your results might surprise you.

Salad Dressing

Have you ever seen fruity salad dressings in your grocery store? If you haven’t, you likely just reached for your favourite without looking at what the options were. Fruity salad dressings are aplenty! All you need to make your own is the fruit, vinegar, olive oil, and a little bit of seasoning. Throw these ingredients in a blender to create your dressing. The seasoning you want will depend on what fruit you have. For instance, we might recommend trying basil with strawberries.