3 Tips For Starting Clean Eating

Are you thinking about overhauling your diet and engaging in clean eating? Before you dive straight into this, you should think about your execution plan so you don’t find yourself backtracking soon after you begin. Ready? Here are three essential tips when starting clean eating:

Go Meal By Meal

Don’t go all in right away—this is a recipe for reverting quite quickly. Instead, start with one meal every so often where you adhere to the clean eating rules and slowly increase this over time. It might take you even up to a year to have every meal adhere to the clean eating rules, but it will be worth it. Besides, you will be far less likely to backtrack when you take things slower.

Read All Labels

When you are grocery shopping during the transition phase, and even after you are always eating clean meals, you should get used to reading every label. Familiarizing yourself with the ingredients you are allowed to eat (and the ones you can’t) is key to an effective clean eating diet. You can consult other information regarding clean eating to understand some of the ingredients you will need to watch out for, of course, but you will only truly be able to catch everything if you always read the labels of things before you buy them. Being familiar with the labels also helps when you need to clean out your pantry.

Embrace Leftovers

Cooking meals all the time can be exhausting. This is even more so the case when you only eat clean, since you no longer have the option of eating things like frozen pizza, frozen burritos, et cetera. The convenience meals, for the most part, do not exist anymore.  This is why we recommend you simply cook a little more for dinner, so you can consumer leftovers for your lunch! When it gets down to it, you will be cooking less.