3 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

healthy grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is where your healthy eating habits begin. If you do not have junk food in the house, you are far less likely to eat it! Here are four simple tips for healthy grocery shopping. Start off on the right foot!

Shop the Perimeter

When you enter the grocery store, shop around the perimeter as much as possible. This is where the fruits and vegetables, real meat, dairy, et cetera is located. Many of the centre aisles are full of processed foods, much of which is junk like pop, chips, chocolate, candy, and more. Avoid these aisles as much as possible. If you do need to grab things in them, which is likely (e.g. pickles, pasta), save it until the end of your grocery trip and leave the aisles as fast as possible.

Make A List Before Shopping

Plan before you even get to the grocery store! Consult the flyer for ideas and create a meal plan for the week, along with a grocery list of what you need to buy in order to make that happen. When you get to the grocery store, make sure you stick to that list. If it is not on the list, do not buy it! Go through your fridge and pantry before you leave to add any items to the list that you might need to restock.

Avoid Busy Times

When the grocery stores has lots of people, it means moving slower around the store and standing for longer in the checkout line. Both of these things will increase the chances of your buying junk food like chips and candy. Consider what times are the busiest at your local grocery store and make a point of avoiding these times as much as you can. Your trip will go faster and you will have less time to succumb to temptation as a result.