3 Tips For Chopping Onions

Onions are in many different recipes from sauces to stir-fries. Anything you can think of, onions might play a role in! However, chopping onions is not the most pleasant task around, since almost 100% of the time someone chopping onions will end up with a flood of tears in their eyes. Want to avoid the tears? Here are three tips to help you get through chopping onions without too much discomfort:

Sharpen The Knife

The sharper your knife, the easier it will be to cut into onions, which gives the fumes less time to float up to your eyes and make you cry while chopping. Sharpen your knives on a regular basis to make them perform at their best. We also recommend chopping faster rather than slower, but you still need to be careful, which is why the emphasis should be on the sharpness of the knife you are using instead.

Circulate The Air

The fumes from the onions are why your eyes water when chopping onions. Help reduce the amount of fumes reaching your eyes by turning on an exhaust fan (e.g. on your oven) or setting up another fan in the kitchen near to where you will be chopping. This way you can circulate the air and help reduce the fumes. This way, you should cry less during the chopping process.

Refrigerate The Onions

Another great way of lessening the impact of the fumes and the tears in your eyes when chopping onions is to refrigerate them beforehand. This should chill the onions and slow the release of the fumes when you cut into them. The extreme of this is to freeze the onions, but this makes them much harder to chop, so stick with refrigeration instead. Put them in your fridge for at least half an hour before chopping, but ideally for up to two hours.