3 Tips For Budget Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping

Are you on a budget? Eating is not something you can eliminate from your expenses, but you can maintain a good diet while also adhering to a strict budget. Need some help getting started? Here are three key tips for grocery shopping on a budget.

Create A Meal Plan

What do you want to eat this week? Make a schedule for each of your meals for the upcoming week. You can do this on paper or on the computer (e.g. as an Excel spreadsheet)—whichever you prefer. Understanding what you are going to eat throughout the week can help reduce or even eliminate unnecessary purchases at the grocery store. Make a note of the ingredients you are going to need while creating this meal plan—you will need it during your grocery shopping trip.

Check Store Flyers

A great way to reduce spending at the grocery store is to check the flyers before you make your trip there. This way, you have an idea on different specials you can take advantage of. It is best to check the flyers while you are creating your meal plan, since you might want to adjust your meals based on what products are on special. For instance, if you wanted to make chicken breast but it is not on sale? Another protein, such as ground beef, might be. Try building your meal plan, mentioned previously, around what is on sale at your local store.

Stocking Your Cupboards

If you had to buy every ingredient you need every time you shop, you are going to rack up quite the bill. Instead, make sure your cupboards, fridge, and freezer are always stocked with a range of staple ingredients. When you buy chicken breast while it is on special? Portion and freeze the extra breasts! Do you like pasta? Buy an extra box when it is on special, so if you crave it when the price goes up, you can still have some.