3 Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian

Do you want to stop eating meat? Vegetarianism is quite common, though the reasons people make this switch vary quite a bit. Some may have been raised as a vegetarian, others may change because of their morals, and others may just feel intrigued by the idea and want to give it a shot. Regardless of the reason behind your decision, however, this can be difficult if you are not prepared. Here are three tips for help you become a vegetarian easily.

Do Your Research

What nutrients do you need in your everyday diet? Write this down. Where can you get those nutrients as a vegetarian? Where do you get them now? What recipes can you make? Understanding as much as possible about what you need in your diet and what you can eat are essential to being a vegetarian. You can consult books and the Internet for quick information. Do as much research as possible before you make the change—this puts you in the best position for success, since you will know how to move forward.

Make It Gradual

While you can certainly give up meat “cold turkey” and one day decide you are never going to eat it again, we do not recommend this. Make the change gradual by introducing a few meatless meals every week and slowly increasing that number until they are all vegetarian. In addition, you might want to try meatless substitutes during the transition period to help wean your taste buds off meat. These substitutes are often very close to the real thing, so they can also help satisfy a craving down the road.

Consult A Professional

Are you unsure about anything related to your diet as a vegetarian? Not sure about what next step you need to take in your personal experience? Consulting a professional, e.g. a dietitian or your primary care physician, is a great way to ensure you are on the right track. Too many people make mistakes with their diet, particularly when they are changing it dramatically. Be sure you are getting everything you need and your new diet is balanced by check with a professional. In addition to this, they can provide any other insight you might need, including direction to recipe books and other helpful resources.