3 Sources For New Recipes

Need to think of new things to cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert? Tired of the same old recipe night after night? Finding good new recipes can certainly be a challenge, especially if you really are not sure where you can look. With that in mind, here are three popular sources for new recipes, as well as what you can expect or should keep in mind when searching each of them:

Family and Friends

Your loved ones are the perfect source for quality recipes. Is there a dish your Mom or Dad made all the time growing up, but you don’t actually have yourself? Ask them for it! Does your friend make a mean macaroni and cheese? Why not ask if you can have that as well! This is a great way to pick up recipes you know are good. Recipes from any other source have a risk of not turning out quite well, even if the risk is small.

Traditional Cookbooks

There is a plethora of traditional cookbooks out there. The recipes they contain are just about endless. There are cookbooks exclusively for desserts, for vegetarians, for clean eating, et cetera. All you need to do is decide what type of thing you want to cook and there should be a cookbook not far behind! The risk with this, however, and especially if you are going through dietary changes, is the quality of the recipes and whether or not you will actually like them. To help minimize the risk, look at the reviews of the cookbooks you are considering before you actually buy them. This should help give you a picture of the general consensus about the quality of the recipes in the book.

Online Sources

Of course, you can easily search online for new recipes to try. However, one of the catches to doing this is you need to have a rough idea of what you want to cook. For instance, do you want to try vegetarian meals? Do you have a lot of a particular ingredient you want to get rid of? Use these as keywords to help in your search. Google is great, but Pinterest is excellent for easily finding recipes.