3 Reasons To Love Food

Food is an amazing thing. Do you love it? We sure do! Not sure about food? By the end of this article you will love it perhaps even more than we do. Here are three stellar reasons to love food:

Expressing Feelings

Did you know food is a great way to express your feelings? You can do this through the actual act of cooking—think of the episodes of MasterChef where the contestants say they have put themselves on the plate. You can also eat food to help your feelings, the most common example of which is eating ice cream after a breakup. In any case, food helps manage your feelings, which is a prime reason to embrace and love it.

Changing Your Mood

Did you know food is an easy way to change your mood in an instant? Think about fond memories, ones that bring you comfort. Is there food involved? Or, is there a particular meal that reminds you of the memory? Some of the most common “comfort foods” are ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese. You can go with the popular comfort food choices if you are unsure, but we highly recommend choosing something with good meaning for you specifically, if there is a particular meal or food item you have in mind.

Bringing People Together

Food is perfect for bringing people together, whether it is a big family dinner on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, eating with friends to celebrate a birthday, or to foster a budding new relationship (perfect date night: going to eat at a restaurant or cooking food together). Sharing food with others, even at a restaurant (e.g. sharing platters), is excellent. You can bond and make conversation while you eat, or even while you cook. Think about making pizza with someone you care about. Not only are you bonding, but you will also have something delicious to eat at the end of it too!