3 Reasons To Eat Seasonally

For the most part, we have the luxury of eating whatever produce we want regardless of the season. There are only ever a couple exceptions, and even then you can generally find a way around it (e.g. fresh cranberries only seem to appear in the fall, but you can still buy the frozen variety all year). But eating seasonally, that is, planning your menu around the produce growing naturally in each season, makes a lot of sense. But why is eating seasonally such a good idea? Let’s look at the three major reasons why:

Increased Flavour

Although people have figured out how to grow fruits and vegetables regardless of the season (e.g. in a greenhouse), there is no mimicking the taste of a naturally grown piece of produce when the season is right. When you try to grow a fruit or vegetable outside its native season (e.g. raspberries in the fall), you have to manufacture the normal environment. However, even a manufactured environment cannot do everything the same as the natural one, which is why there is a distinct difference in quality of taste when you consume things out of season.

Increased Availability

When a particular fruit or vegetable is in season, you tend to have much more of them available, which is why you will find a plethora of raspberries and similar in the warmer months, and more pumpkin in the colder months. Since there is increased availability, you can buy more of it and do not really need to worry about the grocery store running out of what you need.

Better Price

Did you know when you decide what you are going to eat based on what products are in season, you can get a better price? This goes hand in hand with the increased availability—since there is so much, the grocery stores can afford to lower the prices (or even have to move more product).