3 Popular Hot Beverages For The Winter

hot beverages

Winter is the time of roaring fires, fuzzy blankets, and cozy nights in your home, protected from the blowing snow outside your door. Want to make your evening even cozier? Reach for a lovely hot beverage! Not sure what you want to have? Here are three popular options to consider. Go on, indulge!

Hot Chocolate

Interested in the taste of liquid chocolate? Want to have puffy white marshmallows dissolving into your beverage? Hot chocolate is the perfect choice for your cozy winter night curled up by the roaring fire. You can make your mug of deliciousness in a few ways. If you want it with milk, we suggest warming a mug about ¾ full in the microwave, then stirring in a couple tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix. Follow up by filling the rest of the mug with some cool milk to make sure you can drink it right away.

A faster way of making a mug of hot chocolate is to put your kettle on to boil water, before mixing the hot water with your hot chocolate mix. Of course, you can still top off your drink with milk and marshmallows, should you choose.


Need a boost of caffeine to stay awake through the next movie on your screen or to finish reading a book? You might even want to wait up for Santa! Or, really, stay up later so our kids are asleep when you pile presents under the Christmas tree. Regardless, a mug of coffee is the best of these hot beverages to keep your system running as you stay awake. Sip on it without milk or sugar, or make it as creamy and delicious as you like.


Not a fan of coffee? Need something a little bit healthier? Why not be British for the night and brew a nice cup of tea? Tea is certainly cozy and is perhaps the most popular of these hot beverages to give someone if they are feeling a little down (think chamomile or peppermint).