3 Pitfalls Of Dieting

We all want to look and feel good in our bodies, right? This will likely apply to just about everyone, even if the focus is not on a specific weight. However, people will still be constantly looking for ways to achieve their goal of looking and feeling good. Perhaps the most popular and significant way people work towards this is through dieting. Unfortunately, however, there are some major pitfalls of dieting. Let’s review three now:

Focus On Restriction

The defining aspect of most diets is restriction: what you cannot have while on the diet. This might be specific foods or general nutrients. It’s popular to have people restrict carbohydrates, fats, salt, et cetera. That said, the focus on restriction can work against you in a couple major ways. The first is that your body need all nutrients in some quantity, which means restricting or eliminating one or more can compromise your body. It might rebel and try to overcompensate, which can actually make your metabolism slow down, or otherwise work against you and actually cause you to gain weight. As well, a significant restriction can actually increase your cravings, and if you are not careful there could be a significant backslide.

Shift Too Soon

The clock strikes midnight on January 1st and you decide today is the day you will start the diet. Or you decide you will do it in a couple days. On Monday. Tuesday perhaps. Most people decide they will make a sudden shift to dieting—but this is a significant potential pitfall. Making a sudden shift and embarking on the full scale diet puts you at risk of falling off the wagon and abandoning the diet in a dramatic ways (e.g. you restrict everything right away only to binge on something you tried to restrict.

Not Sustainable

Unfortunately, the biggest pitfall of many diets out there is the fact they are not sustainable. You cannot keep going on them in the long run, otherwise your body and your overall health will begin to suffer at a certain point. This is why it is much better to build a healthy, balanced meal plan and add in exercise to help you achieve your wellness goals.