3 Holiday Cooking Hacks

Are you responsible for cooking Christmas dinner? Are you hosting any other events over the winter holiday season? Cooking can get out of control if you are not careful. While we cannot reduce the amount of food you have to cook, we can help make your lifeĀ a little easier with these three holiday cooking hacks:

Slow Cooker Magic

Your slow cooker is going to be your best friend over the holiday season. You can make a wide variety of things in it. In addition, you can make food in bulk in an appliance you just have to let sit and only stir once our twice. Need soup? Make it in the slow cooker. Need to make some potatoes and carrots for dinner? There are quite a few slow cooker recipes that will all you to do both at once.

Oven To Table Dishes

What are you baking your food in? What are you serving them in? Reduce the amount of dishes and general serving headaches by choosing dishes you can have in the oven and transfer directly to your table! Ceramic or glass casserole dishes are ideal for this. Just remember to have trivets on hand to protect you table from the hot dishes.

Rescue Turkey With Soup Stock

Do you often find you accidentally overcook the turkey or another protein when making your holiday dinners? This is actually more common than you might think, and is often the result of someone simply having so much to get done with a lack of assistance from others. Thankfully, you do not need to deal with this nor do you have to throw out your turkey. Using soup stock when you are cooking your turkey can work wonders on this issue, even if you just let the carved turkey meat sit in the broth for a little while afterwards. Note that chicken or vegetable soup stock works best for this, as beef stock could add conflicting flavours to your turkey.