3 Creative Ways To Drink Hot Chocolate

hot chocolateOne of the most popular hot drinks during the winter months is the decadent hot chocolate. This is a favourite among both coffee and tea lovers alike. There are countless ways to drink this rich, indulgent beverage—perhaps there are as many different ways to drink hot chocolate as there are people who drink it. Here are three of the most creative and delicious options available, if you have trouble deciding:

Spice It Up With Cinnamon

Did you know you can make your mug of hot chocolate taste like winter? Did you know its deliciousness can rise significantly? All you need to do is add a little sprinkle of cinnamon to taste, or use a cinnamon stick as your way of stirring your drink. The spice from cinnamon blends with and enhances the flavour of your hot chocolate. Sip away with the spice!

Spike Your Drink

If you are of legal age and are not intending to drive anywhere, make your hot chocolate extra cozy by spiking your mug. You can choose from many different liquors, such as rum or whiskey, but our personal favourite is the delicious, creamy taste of Baileys drizzled into a hot mug of chocolate. Just be aware of how much you put in—make sure you keep your wits about you!

Candy Cane Christmas

Who wants to have Christmas in a cup? Try making your own peppermint hot chocolate by purchasing a box of candy canes and using them as stir sticks in your hot chocolate. As they melt and blend with your drink, candy canes will leave the taste of peppermint behind. Many people associate the scent and taste of peppermint with the fluffy snow and warmth of the Christmas season. Why not embrace the idea and pour a little Christmas to sip on while you wait by the fire?