3 Breakfast Options For Busy Mornings

Whether you have to run to catch a bus to campus, have kids to wrangle in the morning, or need to rush off to work, mornings can get very busy! However, just because you are dealing with busy mornings does not mean you can let breakfast fall to the wayside. With this in mind, here are 3 breakfast options for busy mornings so you can still get the fuel you need even when you are running around:

Overnight Oats

Have you seen recipes for overnight oats around? These are excellent for a grab and go breakfast on a busy morning. For the most part, all you need to do is add milk to quick cooking oats and a selection of berries and cinnamon for your overnight oats. Other recipes will include elements like chia seeds or other superfoods. Find a recipe you like the sound of and go for it!

Healthy Smoothies

You can pack a lot of nutrients into a smoothie, making an excellent breakfast you can drink as you go about your business. Most smoothies will have either an avocado or banana as the base, and then a selection of berries, yogurt, and milk. If you want to go even healthier, add spinach, flax seed, et cetera. Out personally favourite healthy smoothie recipe is one avocado, some mixed berries, almond milk, spinach, and flax seed. Mmm, good!

Classic Cereal

Of course, you cannot go wrong with the classic breakfast: cereal. This is very easy to do since all you need is put the cereal in a bowl and fill it with milk (or your liquid of choice). Done! Now it’s time to eat it! Though you can eat any cereal, we recommend choosing something healthy so you get all the required nutrients. Eating sugary cereal might taste good, but you won’t be getting a lot out of it in the end.