3 Benefits of Organic Food

In your local grocery store, we are willing to bet you see produce, meat, et cetera with labels indicated they are organic food. When most people see organic food, they think it must be a little better, but they are not sure exactly how. Then, when the higher price tag is revealed, very few of these people still reach for the organic option—if they don’t know the benefits, why pay the extra money? What are they getting out of it? Well, the good news is you get a lot out of it when you are eating truly organic food. Here are three of the top benefits:


Organic food does not contain any of the preservatives in other products. The preservatives are added in other products in an effort to make them last longer. However, these preservatives can alter the freshness and  taste of the produce, though many individuals never realize this, since they do not know any different. With organic produce, though you will have to eat it faster, you can definitely taste a significant difference when you are committed to true organic options.

Fewer Pesticides

Organic food contains far fewer pesticides than regular produce, though there may still be some traces or residue on the food, especially if they are stored right next to the “regular” variety, where the agriculture practice included the use of pesticides, herbicides, et cetera.

Environmental Impact

Did you know? The farming practices required for organic food results in a reduced amount of pollution, more water conservation, less energy usage, as well as an increase in soil fertility. Overall, the impact of organic farming on the environment is much more positive than non-organic farming practices. Since we want the Earth to last as long as possible, this is always a good thing! Treat the environment as best you can—including consuming more organic produce.